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AMORC Rosicrucian Incense Cones - Four Rose Blend

Expand your mystical consciousness with the AMORC Four Rose Blend incense cubes. This special Rosicrucian incense blend is handmade and designed specifically for meditation.

This special AMORC incense is composed by combing the essential rose oils of four roses (two red roses and two white). This results in a sweet and light scent.

Each rectangular box contains 24 cubes of incense.

Style: Only the presentation differs.

Encens aux Quatre Roses: also known as the pink box.
Dat Rosa Mel Apidus: Illustration of the box extracted from Robert Fludd's book "Summum Bonum" (1629). "Dat rosa mel apibus": "the rose gives honey to bees"; The rose, the symbol of the soul, blossoms on the cross represented by the stem and the leaves. Bees remind us that the inner journey requires intense personal work. The waves on the surface of the garden are the vagaries of life that we have to face. The spider represents the pitfalls that we must avoid, those of our own weaknesses and imperfections.

Made in France by hand.

Burn time: Average duration: 20 minutes.

Burning Method: One of the ends should be lit and allowed to burn for a few seconds before it is placed onto a safe incense burner, to continue smoking.