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Mary Magdalene - Bride in Exile

Bonus 60-minute CD of the Author's lecture "Mary Magdalene, Bride and Beloved" in which she discusses historical and scriptural evidence for the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

This book examines the many faces of Mary Magdalene, from the historical woman who walked with Jesus in the villages of Judea to the mythic and symbolic Magdalene who is the archetype of the Sacred Feminine.

Starbird reveals exciting new information about the woman who was the most intimate companion of Jesus and offers historical evidence that Mary was Jesus’ forgotten bride.

Starbird sifts through the layers of misidentification under which the story of the Lost Bride of Christ has been buried to reveal the slandered woman and the ‘exiled’ feminine principle.

Balancing scholarly research with theological reflection, she takes readers deeper into the story and mythology of how Magdalene as the Bride embodies the soul’s own journey in its eternal quest for reunion with the Divine.

Author: Margaret Starbird

Pages: 298

Cover: Paperback