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Brain that changes Itself, The

An astonishing new science called "neuroplasticity" is overthrowing the centuries-old notion that the human brain is immutable.

In this revolutionary look at the brain, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Norman Doidge, M.D., provides an introduction to both the brilliant scientists championing neuroplasticity and the people whose lives they've transformed. From stroke patients learning to speak again to the remarkable case of a woman born with half a brain that rewired itself to work as a whole, The Brain That Changes Itself will permanently alter the way we look at our brains, human nature, and human potential.

We learn that our thoughts can switch our genes on and off, altering our brain anatomy. How people of average intelligence can, with brain exercises, improve their cognition and perception, develop muscle strength. or learn to play a musical instrument - simply be imagining doing so.

Author:Norman Doidge, M.D.