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AMORC Incense Powder - Martinist Blend

Attune to the Wisdom of the Divine with the AMORC Martinist Blend incense powder.

This special incense blend, made from a formula preserved in the archives of the Traditional Martinist Order, is composed of incense from Sudan, Siam benzoin, sandal resin, and salt for meditation and attunement.

Each rectangular box contains 50grams of incense.

Style: Only the presentation differs.

Traditional: a Traditional Rosicrucian image.
Saint-Martin: Stylised image in appreciation Louise Claude de Saint-Martin

Made in France by hand.

Burning Method: Incense powder to be used with hot coal. The most traditional style of heating or burning incense is to do so on top of, or right next to, a red-hot charcoal.

Incense that’s sprinkled directly on top of a hot charcoal burns very quickly and produces large amounts of smoke whereas incense sprinkled right next to, but not touching, the hot charcoal will release its fragrance more slowly and produce less smoke.

Note: Always use a proper incense burner.