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AMORC Rosicrucian Incense Cones - Rose and Sandalwood Blend

Your mystical consciousness will be inspired and stimulated by the AMORC Rose and Sandalwood Blend incense.

This special Rosicrucian incense blend is handmade and a recommended incense for meditation, consisting of a mixture of rose and sandalwood essential oil

The Rose and Sandalwood incense cubes are made from Sumatran benzoin, iris powder, myrrh and a red rose species on the one hand, and sandalwood on the other. This incense  emanates a rather dense and inspiring fragrance.

Each rectangular box contains 24 cubes of incense.

Made in France by hand.

Burn time: Average duration: 10 minutes.

Burning Method: One of the ends should be lit and allowed to burn for a few seconds before it is placed onto a safe incense burner, to continue smoking.