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AMORC Rosicrucian Incense Cubes - Traditional Rose Blend

Awaken your mystical consciousness with the AMORC Traditional Rose Blend incense cubes. This special Rosicrucian incense blend is handmade and designed specifically for meditation.

These incense cubes are perfumed with rose essential oil and incorporates into its composition Sumatran benzoin, Sudan incense, iris powder, myrrh, red rose buds and red rose flowers. Its fragrance is of an intermediate fragrance between that of incense with four roses and that of incense with rose and sandalwood.

Each rectangular box contains 24 cubes of incense.

Style: Only the presentation differs.

Classic Gold: a Traditional Rosicrucian image.
Colombe: Stylised image in appreciation of our beloved Colombes.

Made in France by hand.

Burn time: Average duration: 10 minutes.

Burning Method: One of the ends should be lit and allowed to burn for a few seconds before it is placed onto a safe incense burner, to continue smoking.