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White Taper Candle - Rose Scented

These high quality Rose Scented Taper Candles greatly enhance your Rosicrucian Rituals by raising your emotional body, with the subtle rose scent that permeates the room, combined with the soothing vibrations of candlelight.

- As used by early AMORC members!

Favourite Uses:
  • An aid to meditation
  • For sanctum use
  • For rest and attunement
  • For psychic experiments
  • As a pleasant table adornment

The symbology of the rose is well known to all philosophers and mystics as a symbol of the Path to Divine Attainment.

Offering both a starter pack of two, and a economical 12 packs, these are a regular member favourite.

With minimal smoke or dripping - makes it perfect for your home practice and special ritual needs.

Quantity: Please choose either a two pack or a 12 pack.

Height: 25 cm
Diameter: 2cm tapered

Burn Time: Approx. 7 hours

Handmade in Victoria Australia.