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Endocrine Glands and Your Health, The

The endocrine glands determine the physical and psychic functions of our being. This book looks at the role of each endocrine gland and how it is linked with your health. It outlines how you can recognise if your glands’ secretions are deficient or excessive and how to rectify them.

Most important to all Rosicrucians, Paul Dupont establishes the links between our soul and the glands, and the influence of our thinking and emotions.  He maintains that the proper application of thought and emotions can prevent disorders in hormonal functions and that the endocrine glands are integrated into a system dependent on our subconscious.

His book dwells on 12 endocrine centres in great detail, namely: the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, heart, suprarenals, solar plexus, liver, pancreas, digestive tract, kidneys, and sex glands. In each section Dr Dupont looks at the anatomy, the role of the gland, various functions, the link between it and the psyche, and remedies to imbalances.

Author: Dr Paul Dupont (Translated by Joe van Dalen)

Pages: 180

Cover: Paperback