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Hem Precious Chandan Incense Sticks

Elevate your next meditation session with the handmade Hem Precious Chandan Incense Sticks.

The earthy, woody, and natural fragrances offset any foul odour and purify your surroundings to enhance your rituals and/or meditation session.

The incense sticks are made from naturally obtained extracts of the Chandan bark and offer an aroma that not only relaxes your system but also boosts your mental calmness. 

Standard:Each rectangular box contains 100 regular sized sticks

Long-burn:Each hexagonal box contains 10 tall sticks of approximately 9 inches of incense.

Burn time:
Long-burn: Approximately 30-40 minutes per stick

Hand-rolled in India.

Note: Use a proper incense holder to catch the burning ash safely