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Mansions of The Soul

- Complete explanation of Reincarnation, The soul's rebirth on earth.

The possibility that humans may live not just once but many times over, has both intrigued and inspired the greatest thinkers of history. Here is the classic book that explains all about the Soul and its cycles of incarnation on Earth. It is written in the words of one of the most highly respected mystic philosophers of the 20th Century.

In simple, understandable language, Dr Lewis separates fact from fiction and explains Reincarnation in a way anyone can understand:
• What is the Cosmic conception of the Soul?
• What is the nature, origin and purpose of the Soul?
• Where are the Mansions of the Soul?
• Why does the Soul need a ‘Mansion?’
• What is accomplished in the Mansions of the Soul?
• Why does the Soul need a body? Why does it need to incarnate on Earth?
• How does the Soul enter its body at birth and leave it at death?
• What occurs between incarnations when the Soul is free from a body?
• How do our past thoughts, words and actions influence our present state?

This book explains the relationship of the mind to the Soul, the Soul to the Universal Mind, and the uncountable Mansions of incomparable beauty that exist, all of them dedicated to the guidance of Souls before their rebirth.

Author: Dr Harvey Spencer Lewis FRC

Pages: 260

Cover: Paperback