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Esoteric Essays - Mysterious Brown Casket, The

This is a beautifully woven tale about a layman's first introduction to the Mysteries of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC through a Mysterious Brown Casket.

Today, the activities of the Rosicrucians are not covered by a veil of secrecy in many countries, and a Neophyte's search for the Order is considerably made easier by the internet.  The Order is known and respected; its history is mentioned in new editions of most leading encyclopaedias and unabridged dictionaries; its magazine The Rosicrucian and some of its books are available in most large public libraries.  

Most important of all - it extends a fraternal welcome to all earnest seekers for Light.

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Author: H. Spencer Lewis  F.R.C.

Pages: 16

Cover: A5 Booklet