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Rosicrucian Rosy Cross Necklace - AMORC Members only

This exquisite traditionally designed Rosicrucian Rosy Cross Necklacewas first designed for AMORC members in the early 1940's.

The simple cross consisting of a vertical staff intersected by a horizontal one is the oldest symbol in which humans expressed their knowledge of a divine principle of nature. The first great natural law discovered by man was the law of duality. Each of the bars represent a different polarity of universal duality, and the place of their unity, where manifestation occurs, is indicated by the beautiful red stone, as a symbol of the red rose.

To wear such a significant symbol today is not only indicative of Rosicrucian membership, but reveals the wearer's appreciation of this inspiring mystical law.

Featuring heavy gold plating with red ruby-like stone insert at the centre of the cross.

Dimensions: 2.5 cm high x 1.5 wide

Includes chain.

Restricted Sales to AMORC members only! Purchasers from outside the Australasian jurisdiction will need to provide proof of membership.

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