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Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks

Since the dawn of time incense has been used by mystics to enhance their meditation through their sense of smell. Homemakers and businesses also use it simply to create the right atmosphere to make people feel relaxed, happy, and comforted. Spiritual Sky Incense caters to both these uses with their range of scents. 

Patchouli Amber: This particular combination is made of complimentary scents that have very complimentary effects. Whilst both Patchouli and Amber are known for their practical application to deter a variety of household insects, psychologically this combination is designed to calm and stabilize the mind to promote feelings of deep relaxation and peace alongside an ability to think clearer.

Musk & Frankincense:Both Musk and Frankincense are well known for their use in religious and cultural ceremonies even back in Ancient Egypt. Both scents work on relieving stress and easing the body as well as creating a calm atmosphere.

Rose: Known for helping the mind achieve peace. It soothes feelings of anxiety and stress, helping clear away negative thoughts.

Contents:20 sticks

Burn time:Approx. 40 - 50mins

Made in India

Note: Use a proper incense holder to catch the burning ash safely