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Stress and the Discovery of Self

What do we know about stress? As a general rule, we see it as a negative condition that we are condemned to endure. However, it is possible to master it and use to positive ends for our wellbeing.

Researchers at the International Rose-Croix University have established a clearer link between our health and stress. They have also demonstrated that regular practice of certain mystical principles like relaxation, visualisation and mental alchemy allows us to master stress. The aim of this book is precisely to show how to acquire this mastery and benefit from it on all levels of our being.

Dr Dupont is a well known French author on the subject of our health and has based this expert work on the findings of science and the mystical principles of nature. He is also the author of best selling The Endocrine Glands and Your Health.

Author: Paul Dupont Ph.D. FRC

Pages: 120

Cover: Paperback