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Yoga - Keeping it Up

YOGA— KEEPING IT UP is a succinct outline of yoga and its benefits. Designed to suit those with no experience and agility to the more well informed, YOGA —KEEPING IT UP provides background information covering basic philosophy, insight into the endocrine system, gentle poses and stretches to stronger and more challenging asanas — postures. It includes breathing exercises — pran-ayama, preparation for meditation and guidance for stress-management relaxation. It also includes a brief story of food: food for thought, for health and wellbeing. Caloundra Yoga.
Pamela Mariko has always embodied an intention to inspire within us the spiritu-alisation of matter. This being via yoga breathing diet and conscious choices. the reawakening our inner candle - and to realise our incarnation as spiritual beings having an earth experience. She has whole heartedly dedicated her life to this continuous quest. —Tim Lynch, Host GreenplanetFM.com - NZ
YOGA — KEEPING IT UP is a practical, easy to understand guide to doing your yoga practice at home. For beginners right through to advanced its a must-have for all yoga devotees. —Robin Storey, Author and yoga practitioner.

 full colour diagrams throughout


Author: Pamela Mariko


Cover: Paperback